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Why Go Sailing? My wife and I love to get out on Black Pearl just to get away from it all.  We get out there and just enjoy the peace and quite.  We listen to the boat sliding through the water and that bow wave rolling off the hull.  We can just feel the stress peeling away!  This is one of the biggest reasons we get away but there are other reasons. As a kid growing up in Indiana I had terrible environmental allergies……they were bad!  I was getting allergy shots weekly.  This was long before the world realized second […]

Chain Plates Have you checked your chain plates lately?  Chain plates are one of those pieces of equipment on the boat that you just don’t pay much attention to on a regular basis.  They receive the shrouds and stays that hold the mast in line and vertical.  However, they do need to be inspected on a regular basis.  They need to be on your list of spring commissioning items to visually inspect or a once a season check. Usually, what you see above decks looks good with no compromises but it is what you don’t see that is the problem.  […]

I was fortunate this year to be able to race a beautiful 2004 Alubat Cigale 14.  Ariane is 46′ long and very sleek.  Her brushed aluminum hull shines and sparkles.  I had a five person crew helping including a couple of local racing veterans, my dad, my wife and even my cousin contributed one day!  We had fun and got a pretty good work out every day. There were about 50 boats racing this year which is a great turn out.  Day 1 conditions were pretty light most of the day.  We ran the genoa upwind and flew the spinnaker […]

Ariane Delivery My go to crew — my dad — and I, flew to Rhode Island to meet Ariane, a 46’ Alubat Cigale, to bring her to St Augustine, FL to be sold.  We arrived and boarded her Monday after picking up provisions and other odds and ends needed for the trip south. We pulled out of New England Boatworks Tuesday morning at 07:30 to almost mirror flat water.  It was a very good start!  Having spent a couple of hours the previous night going over routes and tide conditions it looked like, if everything went perfectly, we would catch […]

I decided to submit a picture from my circumnavigation for this Cruising World photo contest. While I did not win it looks like I came in in the top 10…..pretty cool I think! This picture was taken in the Whitsunday Islands just inside Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Cruising World Photo Contest Page

I raced on Actaea for the Lipton Cup in New Smyrna April 18.  We did very well in this race.  The wind was light and this boat moves well with light air.  Our starts were not the greatest but we were able to make up time along the course and placed second overall with a possibility that we may get a first overall due to some enter yacht club maneuverings. It was just Skip and I on board and with the light air that was plenty of hands.  I drove most of the time and Skip handled the sail trimming. […]

I raced on Skip Harwell’s boat Actaea last Sunday.  She is a 1953 Concordia built in Germany.  She has a long history of race winning and is a beautiful boat.  I would not like to have to do all of the maintenance that he has to do to keep her looking like she does.  However, everyone that we pass has to tell him how beautiful she is and that helps make it worth it to him! This was the 23rd year of the Monkey’s Uncle Race put on by Carter and Brenda.  Carter and Brenda have own a boat named […]

I was just thinking back to some of my experiences sailing around the world and thought I would share some of them here.  Just a quick back ground on me…….most of these events happened while I was sailing around the world on my family’s 43′ Hans Christian “Delilah”.  We took 6 years and visited 47 countries and sailed approximately 50,000 miles. The first one I am going to share happened in 1985 off the coast of Columbia.  We were heading from Venezuela to the San Blas Islands off of the coast of Panama.  Things started out pretty good with a […]