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Why Go Sailing?

My wife and I love to get out on Black Pearl just to get away from it all.  We get out there and just enjoy the peace and quite.  We listen to the boat sliding through the water and that bow wave rolling off the hull.  We can just feel the stress peeling away!  This is one of the biggest reasons we get away but there are other reasons.

As a kid growing up in Indiana I had terrible environmental allergies……they were bad!  I was getting allergy shots weekly.  This was long before the world realized second hand smoke was so bad for you and which I was very allergic to.  Restaurants, basketball games – everywhere.  Finally, my mom asked the allergist what can we do to make him better.  The doc said the best thing to do would be to sell everything, buy a boat and go sailing.  I am pretty sure that is not the driving factor in why we went sailing for 6 years but that is what we did and it really helped.  That clean ocean air did me a world of good!

The social aspect of boating is also very high on the list.  Some of our best friends are our fellow sailors.  We still socialize regularly with folks that we met on G-Dock at Camachee Cove almost 25 years ago.  We come and go but our tie to our boats and the ocean is still there.

There are lots of health reasons to go sailing.  The physical, the mental, the therapy.  Sailing can even be a great team building tool which can be the health of a relationship or business team.  This article does not address the allergy health reason but all of these reasons are excellent!

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